14 Mai 2000
Establishment of ASK Germany in Niederwinkling
The main focus is on audio products for German car makers
11 Mai 1998
ASK acquires Zendar
The merge is completed
14 Mai 1997
Establishment of ASK Poland
Electric Poland is established (antenna and cable production). A year later, Electric Poland is incorporated into the ASK Group and becomes ASK Poland.
13 Mai 1997
First delivery OE speakers/antennas to Volkswagen
VW was our first customer in Germany; we supply today all the VW Brands in the world with all our product-lines.
14 Mai 1996
Establishment of ASK do Brazil
ASK do Brazil in Sete Lagoas (Minas Gerais state) has been intended to support FIAT do Brasil with local content and then as base for the expansion in the South American region.
13 Mai 1995
Purchase of Autosonik by Sipe. Change in company name from Autosonik to ASK
In 1995 SIPE upped the ante in the face of increasing competition on the auto market, taking over Autosonik, which in turn took over Zendar. This marked the beginning of the ASK Group, Italy's largest OEM car audio components company.
13 Mai 1995
ASK wins its first Fiat Auto "Qualitas" award
In the following years 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 ASK Group has been awarded by FIAT with 'Premium Qualitas'
13 Mai 1985
First delivery OE antennas and speakers to FIAT
FIAT is our historical customer for all our product-lines starting from the initial after-market deliveries till to the current co-designed projects.
12 Mai 1983
First delivery OE speakers to Peugeot
Peugeot has been our first OE customer, who has trained us in the automotive expectations and quality-standards
14 Mai 1969
Establishment of Zendar (the Antennas Company)
A pioneer in the production of car antennas, Zendar was established in 1969. Thanks to excellent product quality and service, Zendar quickly became the market leader in Italy.
14 Nov 1967
Establishment of Sipe (the Speakers Company)
Società Italiana Prodotti Elettromeccanici (SIPE) was established in 1967 by Olimpio Tontini together with an experienced team to expand beyond the small-scale production of loudspeakers. They started business as a supplier to TV manufacturers (like Mivar, Grundig and Loewe), and then widened its product range with the development of speakers for musical instruments and home hi-fi. In 1980 the nephew Franco Tontini takes over management of the company.
12 Mai 1965
Establishment of Autosonik
Autosonik was established in 1965 as a sales agent for audio components for the auto OEM market and aftermarket. Components were mainly supplied by SIPE (loudspeakers) and Zendar (antennas and cables).

Der ASK-Konzern

ASK ist ein Elektronikhersteller, der qualitativ hochwertige und innovative Car-Audio-Systeme (Lautsprecher, Subwooferboxen sowie Audioverstärker) aber auch In-Car Infotainment- und Antennensysteme (Antennen und Kabel) für den Bereich Fahrzeug-Konnektivität konzipiert, herstellt und vertreibt.

Feel The Future

Wir haben uns zum Ziel gesetzt, unsere Entwicklung zu einem weltweit führenden Akustik- und Kommunikationstechnologie-Lieferanten für OEM-Kunden (Original Equipment Manufacturer) weiter voranzutreiben.

Dank unserer großen Leidenschaft für Sound sowie unserer beachtlichen HF-Technologiekompetenz halten wir ein hohes Qualitäts- und Innovationsniveau und kooperieren mit unseren Kunden bei der Integration innovativer Applikationen.