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As a first-tier supplier to the auto industry, ASK Group (ASK) must constantly source new suppliers with consolidated experience in the industry that fulfill basic environmental protection and legal requirements. Through a combined supplier quality assurance (SQA) and strategic sourcing scheme, ASK is constantly working to improve its supplier base.

Supplier quality assurance basically concerns current suppliers and works by giving them progressive PPM targets so as to achieve the final quality goal of zero defects through process audits at supplier premises, improving any weak areas identified, and monitoring supply performance. Strategic sourcing mainly concerns identifying new potential suppliers to be added to the ASK supplier panel so as to optimize it according to our clients' product development and market requirements.

The main goal of the Purchasing Department is to establish a reliable and competitive supplier base for each item supplied. To achieve this, ASK must optimize its supplier panel by awarding larger orders to those suppliers that fulfill the requirements of a first-tier supplier to the auto industry. The ongoing selection of suppliers from our current lists and the introduction of new suppliers is an added value that the department delivers to the company.

Expectations of New Suppliers

To become an ASK supplier, companies need to fulfill the following requirements:

Quality assurance certification
Suppliers must be certified by an accredited third party under ISO 9000: 2000. However, ASK prefers companies that are ISO TS 16949 or QS 9000 certified.

Quality enhancement though prevention
Suppliers must practice an ongoing policy of quality enhancement through the prevention of risks and defects. Methods such as FMEA, capabilities analysis, constant internal process audits and corrective actions, and defect analysis are basic requirements for the first-tier industry. ASK requires certified parts from suppliers to reduce incoming inspections as much as possible.

Price competitiveness
ASK must be able to depend on cost-conscious suppliers that are dedicated to researching supply chain and production efficiencies. Suppliers are required to constantly focus on reducing costs to be in line with the first-tier auto market and to demonstrate their competitiveness on the world market.

Development capabilities
Suppliers should not just be manufacturers but also partners. This means that ASK is looking for companies that have expert staff able to support us during the development of new products and that are always at the forefront in terms of innovation, laws, and regulations.

So as to conform with industry-imposed procedures, ASK also requires that its suppliers apply advanced product quality planning (APQP) methods, that deadlines are met during the development of new projects, and that initial samples are supplied with the relative PPAP documentation.

On-time deliveries
Suppliers must be able to guarantee on-time deliveries to ASK from start of production, arranging their logistics and production facilities to respect delivery dates and quantities. Flexible production and short lead times are basic elements that ASK expects from suppliers in order to fulfill client orders. Traceability of products and respect of the FIFO principle are also required. Bulk order management and EDI data transmission must be standard practice.

Environmental management
Aiming to protect the global environment, ASK has obtained the ISO 14001 certification at all its production plants and pays special attention to waste recycling and pollution prevention. The same respect for the environment is expected from suppliers, regardless of their country and local legislation.

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