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ASK antennas are designed for the best performance possible according to client requirements.

  Customized solutions

Working closely with its clients, ASK develops customized solutions according to specific needs.

  A range of functions

ASK antennas offer several functions:

  • terrestrial (long and medium wave, FM and DAB), including diversity systems
  • radio satellite (SDARS)
  • telephone (European and international frequencies, including GSM, DCS, UMTS, AMPS, PCS, etc.)
  • GPS
  • television (analog and digital)
  • remote control (keyless entry, Telestart, etc.)

Our antenna systems can simultaneously handle one (e.g. radio, GPS, etc.) or more functions (e.g. radio + telephone, radio + GPS + telephone, etc.).

  Different designs

ASK antennas are designed as rods (roof and fender mount), integrated into car windows (windscreen, rear or side windows), or invisible (integrated into plastic parts, such as bumper bars or the trunk lid).

We make both passive and active antennas, with long and short rods, including anti-theft solutions.
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